The next level of Excel data analysis: sound knowledge in a new framework

The reception of the introduction of new technology among staff is generally ambivalent. Those who are confident in the world of IT are excited by the new developments, while those who are less experienced tend to be more fearful of change. Therefore, it is best to innovate while building on the existing framework. That way, no one is "shocked" by the change, but the progress is visible. What the company has tried and liked is difficult to let go of, even if everyone is aware of the disadvantages of the current systems. This was precisely the insight upon which Jedox was designed. It builds on the logic of Excel but is far more advanced. How is this possible? Here are the details!

Excel is the alpha of spreadsheets, but not necessarily the omega. The first version of the spreadsheet program, launched by Microsoft, was released for Macintosh in 1985 and arrived on Windows in 1987. It was a ground-breaking 'invention' that retained the column-row set-up of the first spreadsheet, VisiCalc, and fundamentally defined 40 years of spreadsheet design. It has become so popular that, according to a current Jedox survey, 81% of companies are unwilling to give up its use. 

What's wrong with Excel?

One might ask if it has been so perfect for 40 years, why is it necessary to tinker with it, and why is it not good as it is. The source of the problem is that the world has changed a lot in the last decades. We work in different ways and expect different things from a programme today than we did before.

Take the example of remote working. Today, it's standard to be able to access a spreadsheet anywhere and anytime, and the changes you make should be immediately visible to everyone. It should also be remembered that in the age of big data, data and databases are valuable assets from which comes the decision-supporting data analysis. However, for the analysis to be successful, the data must be made available to the analytical software in the right format.

Modern IT infrastructure is now integrated. This means that the software is compatible and interoperable, which is only possible with the right interconnectivity and coordination. Unfortunately, Excel cannot handle this.

What is the solution?

Excel is therefore a good solution in principle, but not enough for the needs of the companies today. Jedox  is a modern analysis and planning platform that eliminates the shortcomings of Excel but follows its logic. The Jedox application is easy to learn for those who are familiar with Excel, as users have the feeling of using a classic spreadsheet. The difference is that they use a modern, enterprise-level platform that makes it easy to link Excel files and in-memory databases.

The integration tool allows all data sources to be integrated. It makes data management, workflow setup and approval much simpler and smoother.

One of the biggest advantages of Jedox is the flexibility of design and analysis, thanks to its multi-dimensional data models. Collaboration is a breeze with the software, versions are easy to track, and enterprise-wide processes allow for a complex approach.

Jedox benefits

Excel-based planning at the enterprise level is a huge step forward in digitalisation. Let's see the actual benefits of Jedox!

  • Familiar Excel interface: no need to fear rejection from your staff, as they are familiar with the interface.
  • Data integration: thanks to Jedox's special data integration tools and connectors, it can be easily integrated into your existing system.
  • Consistency: Jedox is strong in multi-platform presentation. Whether Excel, web or mobile, Jedox ensures consistency.
  • Analytics and dashboards: it's easy to create custom dashboards and analytics in the program.
  • Data volume handling: Jedox has no problem with large data volumes.
  • Ready-made solutions: to increase efficiency, companies can choose from a range of ready-made solutions and templates. For example, there are templates for reports, databases and even workflow design.

Jedox offers a solution that can be used by the whole company. It combines enterprise performance management and business intelligence in a platform that builds on the foundations of Excel, so that its implementation in any organisation is not a problem from a human resources point of view, but it outperforms classic spreadsheets in terms of performance and knowledge.

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