Jedox instead of Excel: switch to a higher gear

Excel is a basic tool for most companies, used by almost every department. In the modern age, however, replacing offline Excel with a more dynamic, wide-ranging solution makes sense. One example is Jedox, which can be easily integrated into organisations that build on Excel spreadsheets. In this way, the accumulated knowledge is not lost but utilised on a different platform.

An efficient solution instead of Excel

The advantages of Excel spreadsheets are endless, as they attempt to bring order to the company's operations and improve transparency. However, it is worth noting that Excel has its limitations and the solutions it offers are not applicable in all circumstances.

A huge disadvantage of the usual Excel spreadsheets is that they do not support collaboration between colleagues. This is because spreadsheets are available offline, which means that keeping track of edited versions is quite difficult. 

Jedox takes the benefits of Excel to a higher level while building on existing knowledge. This is important because basic tasks can be easily done in Excel, but if you want to use it for analysis and you are deep in the world of formulas, advanced product knowledge is required. Thanks to Jedox, it is possible to progress to a higher level without having to start learning from scratch. Users can work with the familiar interface, with less time to learn and less effort to manage. 

Jedox can be used to create a way of work that benefits even large enterprises. It makes it easy to link Excel files and various databases, and data sources. The software offers the possibility to implement intelligent business solutions, making data management, workflow, and approvals easier. The user interface offers a range of features to increase efficiencies, such as self-service planning, analysis, and reporting.

Jedox benefits

Jedox has several benefits that go far beyond simple Excel spreadsheets. Let's look at the most important ones!

Building on existing knowledge

Jedox is not about closing the door to the world of Excel spreadsheets, it's more about leveraging your existing knowledge more effectively. Thanks to the fact that you don't have to learn the user interface from scratch, the adoption of the software is much easier.

Efficient data integration 

Data integration is key to performing analyses. Manual data entry consumes a lot of time and effort, but with Jedox, data sources can be integrated with a simple click. Crucially, the software can handle large amounts of data with ease!

Multi-platform operation

Be it Excel's interface, web or mobile platform, Jedox offers a handy solution for all of them.

Templates for efficiency

The Jedox system offers a vast choice of templates, which can speed up your work considerably and can be a great help in the start-up phase. For example, if you want to create a report or a workflow, you can choose from multiple pre-made templates. These are available in the so-called Marketplace, where you can select the ones, you need. Then all you must do is configure and customise the ready-made models according to the given situation.

Jedox mobile version

The Jedox Mobile App is available for iOS and Android. The app provides instant access to company dashboards, data, and reports. This is a huge advantage; especially as remote working is becoming increasingly common. It's great to have access to the data and information you need, even from a tablet or smartphone.

Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite of office software, which most office workers are familiar with and use at least at a basic level. Jedox is an alternative tool that can take business processes such as budget planning. It replaces traditional Excel with a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution but still builds on existing knowledge.

Bixpert is at the forefront of business intelligence solutions. Our product offering includes software that makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency. With MicroStrategy, Visual Crossing, Exasol and Jedox, you can create a 21st-century software environment and achieve unprecedented levels of awareness.

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